Access from Corner Entrance (makeshift “stile”) at Illogan Park

Following recent incidents and questions about the state of the surface/drainage in that corner of the park, the Council have sought legal advice after concerns were raised around the safety of this informal corner entrance to Illogan Park.

The advice received was to erect a fence or barrier to inhibit the public from accessing this entrance from the adjoining land, and to remove the makeshift stone steps leading from the higher elevated adjoining land to the park.

Reluctantly, the Council have no alternative other than to follow this advice, and work to prevent this access will commence in the coming weeks.

Whilst we are aware that this is a popular and well-used route, we must make public safety our top priority.

As the ownership of the adjoining land cannot be established, the Council does intend to formally register its interest in this piece of land, and to register it as a footpath. Unfortunately, this process has a long wait time due to a back-log and can take up to 10 years.

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