Land Adjacent Trevelyan Road

Illogan Parish Council are being consulted on the following Planning Application by Cornwall Council.  If you have any comments please email or write to both the Parish Council and Cornwall Council.  Please send any comments to Illogan Parish Council by Thursday 23rd July 2020

Cornwall Council Planning Application Number:  PA20/05335

Address: Land Adjacent Trevelyan Road, Illogan

Proposal: Development of site to provide nine dwellings with associated access and parking
with variation of condition 2 in relation to Decision Notice PA20/00479
Condition Number(s): (2) The development hereby permitted shall be carried out
in accordance with the plans listed below under the heading “Plans Referred to in
Consideration of this Application”.
Conditions(s) Removal:
The previous consent was commissioned by the land owner. As proposed
purchasers and developers of this land, Robertson Developments would like to
make design improvements to the site layout, road configuration, dwellings,
provision of public open space. The current consent has a very severe and
regimented street alignment on a direct straight road. This road intrudes on the
public open space and the development has no connectivity with the
neighbouring developments. Proposed design changes will make the site layout
softer and more organic, improve connectivity and enhance the public open
Substitution of drawings and documents.
Delete approved plans referred to in previous consent:
1244-942-0101 B received 21/04/20 Proposed site layout
1244-942-0102 B received 21/04/20 Boundary treatment and refuse
1244-942-1001 B received 21/04/20 Proposed housetype A
1244-942-1002 B received 21/04/20 Proposed Housetype B
1244-942-1003 B received 21/04/20 Proposed Housetype C
1244-942-1004 A received 11/02/20 Proposed housetype
Insert proposed drawings and documents:
BL-101 Site Layout 200 a1
BL-Type C Planning 100 a3
BL-Type F Planning 100 a3
BL-Type GS1 Garage 100 a3
BL-Type GS2 Garage 100 a3
BL-Type L Planning 100 a3
BL-Type Q Planning 100 a3
BL-DAS 20200625 planning statement

The plans can be viewed on the Cornwall Council website –  for a step by step guide on accessing the plans, please click here

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