Our Services

Illogan Parish Council is responsible for the following services:

Litter Picking

The Council clears litter from the parish on a minimum of a four weekly cycle; some areas are litter picked more frequently.

Bus Shelters

The Council cleans all of the bus shelters and the immediate surrounding area once a month.


The Council strims the following verges once a month between April and September:

  • The verges on Lower Broad Lane
  • Around the Illogan signs
  • The hedge at Tolvaddon
  • The verge to the left of the entrance to the Illogan Park cul de sac
  • The on Alexandra Road opposite Mary’s Well
  • The verge at Rosenannon Road
  • The verge on Bassett Road
  • The verge at Park Bottom

The triangle of grass at Park Bottom is strimmed monthly or as required between the months of April and September and as and when it is required between the months of October and March each year.

The verge opposite Mary’s Well, is strimmed as and when required. The island at Alexandra Road, Paynters Lane End (area of land with the seat) is strimmed twice a year.

The area of St Illogan Churchyard opposite the Commonwealth War Graves is strimmed once a year.

Rosemullion Park

The Council undertakes the following work in Rosemullion Park:

  • Litter picking twice a week.
  • Check hard areas weekly for windblown bark mulch sweep up and return to planting beds, unless contaminated with excessive litter etc. Contaminated bark mulch is removed from site to a licenced tip.
  • During October, November and December autumn leaf fall is removed from hard paved areas.
  • Excess plant litter is swept from paved areas on a weekly basis. Plant litter is removed from site to green waste tip or licenced tip as appropriate.
  • Hard paved areas are maintained to be weed free.
  • Mosaic paving is swept clean on a weekly basis.
  • The mosaic is cleaned once a year.
  • The dirt and algal growth are removed from the buzzard bench, 3 play bug seats and the 4m timber edged bench annually. The timber is also soaked annually in clear timber preservative.
  • The timber palisade fence is stained every other year or as required in liaison with the Clerk to maintain a tidy attractive appearance. Minor repairs to fence such as replacement of vertical boards are completed as and when required.
  • Other minor maintenance is also completed as required

Illogan Park

 The Council undertakes the following work in Illogan Park:

  • Litter picking twice a week.
  • Cuts the grass twenty times per year
  • Trims the hedges twice a year
  • Regularly inspects and maintains the children’s play equipment
  • Maintains the changing facilities
  • The Council commission regular tree surveys and completes tree works
  • Other inspections, maintenance and repairs as required

Manningham Woods

The following works are undertaken: 

  • The edges of the main path through the woods to the churchyard are strimmed in the spring (March/April) and in the autumn (September/October)
  • The leaf litter on all surfaced paths is swept up and disposed of bi-monthly between the months of January and September
  • All leaf litter is swept up and disposed of in October, November and December on the paths in the woods and the path from the woods to the churchyard
  • All weed growth and detritus is removed and disposed of from the main path to the churchyard every 2 years.
  • The hedges on the path from the woods to the churchyard are trimmed in the Spring (March/April) and in the Autumn (September/October)
  • The signs, benches and other furniture in the woods are maintained.

The Council commission regular tree surveys and completes tree works.  A five year management plan for the woodland was compiled in 2015. The area is regularly inspected and maintenance is completed as required.


The Council purchases, erects, decorates, removes and disposes of three Christmas trees, one in Illogan, Park Bottom and Tolvaddon. It also organises and runs a Christmas Lights Switch On Events in Illogan, Park Bottom and Tolvaddon.

Illogan Review

The Council produces a 16-20 page newsletter every quarter and distributes a copy to every household in the Parish.

Parsonage Well

The Council have an agreement with Cornwall Council to maintain the area.

Mary’s Well

The Council owns the well, maintains the water supply and plants the trough. The plants for the trough are purchased by the Council and planted in the trough by local volunteers.

Wall between Penwartha Road and Pencarrow Road

The wall is maintained, weeded and tidied twice per year.

War Memorial

The war memorial is weeded and cleaned once per year.


The Council participates in the Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) scheme where Cornwall Council provides some funding to the Parish Council for the trimming of the surface of public rights of way. Illogan Parish Council trims 8,850 metres of paths; the paths are cut once or twice per year.


The Council has purchased and installed waste bins in various locations in the Parish.