Maud Kelly

Telephone:  07463 729893

Hello, my name is Maud. I’ve lived in and loved Cornwall since I moved here when I was 15. I attended Truro college a number of times, studying science and photography at a-level and psychology at degree level, I’ve also studied busieness and leadership at degree level. Now that my health is stable I am able to offer my time to the community again, and have been accepted by the parish council. My aim within the council is to invigorate community spirit and family values through groups, information sharing and sustainability programs for the parish. My work background has seen me in a soup kitchen, a care home, as a youth worker and peer mentor and as a saleswoman. I’ve worked odd jobs to get by and now I’m in a position to work towards my dream of fixing everything. There’s being the change you wish to see, and then there is enabling others to make those changes too. I look forward to serving my parish, and I look forward to making your suggestions into reality.

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