Tara O’Donnell

I was born and grew up in the seaside village of Perranporth, and spent most of my early years living in a guest house that my mother owned.

During the school holidays, I worked in hospitality to earn extra pocket money, and got to know many of the locals living in the village at that time.  It was a comfort that people knew each other and looked out for each other as neighbours used to – a bit of a rarity these days.

I attended university at De Montfort University from 1992, where I studied Performing Arts with the view to pursuing an occupation teaching Drama.  Unfortunately, I hated being away from Cornwall and could not wait to return home.

On my return in 1997,  I bought my first home for my son and I in Pool, before moving in to the Illogan Parish in 2014, an area that I have loved.  Our daughter attended Illogan Primary school and it was wonderful to feel part of a community, where I feel that schools play an integral part.  My Husband and I have 5 children between us and 5 delightful grandchildren, who all live close by.

I have worked in retail, education, health care and admin. I am constantly updating my skill set and have a zest for learning.

I am passionate about my family, good friends, live music and theatre performances and of course walking on our beaches.   We recently lost our beloved Lucy (Golden retriever) who we walked regularly through the park and Illogan woods, again meeting lots of local folk who we could chat to, especially the elderly who love having that 5 minute chat.

By joining the parish council, I am really hoping to make a difference and put something back into a community that has been wonderful to us since we moved here.

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