Tehidy Country Park

Tehidy Country Park is located on the west coast of Cornwall in the Parish of Illogan and about 2 miles north of Camborne, 2 miles west of Redruth, and about 1 mile south of the small harbour of Portreath.  It was once part of an ancient manor owned by the Basset family which later gained much wealth from local tin mining.

Covering 250 acres (1.0 km2), the estate was purchased by Cornwall County Council in 1983. It is one of four Country Parks in Cornwall.

The Park hosts a variety of facilities including an events field, where a range of activities are held, barbecue hire facilities in a specially designated woodland, a Summer and Winter Events Programme, outdoor education facilities, a permanent orienteering course and a Schools and Youth campsite.

Flora and fauna

The woodland at Tehidy is composed of distinct vegetation layers. Trees such as Ash, Alder, Oak, Beech, Sycamore, Birch, Japanese Maple, Conifers and Chestnut are the tallest, most dominating trees, followed by lower growing shrubs including Holly and Hazel. Typical woodland plants such as Bluebells, Wild Garlic (Allium triquetrum), Daffodils and a range of native ferns inhabit the park as well as many different varieties of Rhododendron. The park is home to, amongst others, swans, geese, rooks, jackdaws, coots, moor hens, grey squirrels, otters, and badgers.

Historical remains

Within the boundaries of Tehidy Country Park, evidence of man’s activities can be found dating back many centuries. In the North Cliffs area there is an ancient earthwork nestling in the woodland whilst in Oak Wood, earth banks that were once field boundaries can still be seen. The Basset family obtained the “Manor of Tehidy” in the middle of the 12th century and much of what we see there today is the result of their activities. Many of the features created by the Bassets have now disappeared, however some relics of this great estate can still be seen.

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