About Us

Illogan Parish Council was re-formed in March 1985 and the first meeting was held in early April that year.  Illogan Parish Council is a statutory local authority established under the Local Government Act 1972.  It is a single corporate body composed of 14 individual Councillors one of whom is the Chairman, all of whom are elected through the democratic process.  It represents and serves the entire community and needs to balance their work to encompass the needs of each sector of the community.  Councillors meet to discuss and approve the actions and services provided by the Council.  The decisions made are the responsibility of the whole Council.  The Council sets its own procedures, policies and priorities within legislation.  It agrees and monitors the budget, how it will be raised and spent.  The budget is used to action decisions made by the Council and to improve the local community in line with defined duties and powers.  A Council is responsible for ensuring that public money is spent lawfully, without risk and achieves best value for money.

Illogan Parish Council covers a largely rural area between Camborne and Redruth.  They have a Parish Office based on Tolvaddon Energy Park; some meetings are held in a local village hall at Penwartha.

Illogan Parish Council employs a full time Clerk and a part time administration assistant.  The Council also utilises the services of two regular contractors and one off contractors from time to time as required to deliver services.  The Council currently leases and manages an area of public woodland; strims footpaths in contract with Cornwall Council; maintains open spaces, amenity space and assets within the parish; is a consultee on planning applications; organises and runs events such as the Christmas Lights Switch On Events.

Illogan Parish Council has three parish Wards – Illogan, Park Bottom and Tehidy.  The Council consists of fourteen Councillors which each represent a Ward in the parish; there are nine councillors representing the Illogan Ward; three representing the Tehidy Ward and two representing the Park Bottom Ward.

The Council meets regularly throughout each municipal year, which runs from the 1st April until the 31st March; the Full Council meets monthly on the third Wednesday of every month barring August when Council is in recess.  Planning meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.  “Ad Hoc” committees and sub committees, along with “Working Parties” to cover such items as budget monitoring, staffing and specific issues etc. are appointed from time to time.

Part of the procedure and business of the Council is governed by statute law and regulation, the rest by good practice and convention.  These are summarised in the Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and other Policies, procedures and protocols.  Since 3rd April 2002 this Council has adopted the Parish Councils’ Model Code of Conduct, this has to be signed by all Members on becoming a Councillor, along with the Declaration of Register Interests forms.

The Council is funded by a precept on Cornwall Council and the cost to the parishioners can be found on the Council Tax bill.  The parish accounts are audited every year by both an Independent Internal Auditor and an External Auditor, and the results are published on the Parish Noticeboard.  Illogan Parish Council is a member of various appropriate outside organisations and advisory bodies.  These affiliations give both local and national views and contacts and invaluable advice and guidance.  The Parish Council also works with the principal Local Government Council which is Cornwall Council.  The Council is also involved within the Illogan and Tolvaddon Regeneration Groups and other local residents’ organisations.  The Council has care and responsibility of a number of plots on lease or license including Manningham Wood, the path between Manningham Wood, the St Illogan Churchyard and The Platt and Parsonage Well.