David Crabtree

Telephone: 07803 165419

David was born in York and started moving around the country as he gained promotion working for a building society before taking redundancy in 1989 and then becoming a sub postmaster.

His wife is from Camborne until the mid 1970s.  When they sold the post office in 2001 the decided to move back to Cornwall.  Since then he has run a number of businesses and is now working for a national market research company.  He has two grown up children and two granddaughters, both of whom live locally.

He was a parish councillor when living in Sussex and was pleased when the opportunity came along to fill the vacancy for Park Bottom in October 2014 as he sees it as a chance to hopefully put something back into the Parish which made them feel so welcome.  He feels that each part of the Parish should maintain its individual identity and a green border maintained.  He will fight against any mass development that would spoil this area.

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