Paul Holmes

Telephone: 01209 714275

An Illogan boy and schooled in Illogan, he worked in London from 1966 to 1976 and is now a retired electrician, having run his own electrical business.  He has been a Church chorister, joining Illogan Church Choir in 1952, a chorister at St. John’s Church, Camborne, a member of the Illogan-based Cornwall Gorsedh Church Choir Tereba Nessa.  He has sung in Wales, Scotland, France and England and holds a Royal School of Church Music silver medal and many singing trophies from local festivals.

Between 1985 and 2009 he served six terms as the Illogan County Councillor and as Illogan District Councillor until both were abolished in 2009.  He was elected to Illogan Parish Council in 2003 and currently serves on the Planning  and Environmental Services Committee.  As a Councillor since 1985, he would like to see more devolution of responsibility from Cornwall Council and is delighted that Illogan Park has now been secured under Illogan Parish Council.  Paul would like Illogan Parish Council to take on more responsibilities from Cornwall Council to ensure that matters that are neglected by Cornwall Council are done by someone.

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