Jean Pollock

Telephone: 01209 714275

Dorset born of Scottish ancestry, she moved to Somerset in 1979 where she was a Frome Town and Mendip District Councillor.  She is a retired Pipe Organ Builder’s Assistant.  She visited Cornwall for many years and moved to Illogan to marry Cllr Paul Homes in a Cornish Language Ceremony at Bridge Chapel in 2013.  As well as being an accomplished violinist she is a Church Chorister at St. John’s Church, Camborne and a member of Tereba Nessa, the Illogan-based Cornish Gorsedh Church Choir.  She is an animal lover with one cat.

She was elected to Illogan Parish Council in 2013 and serves on the Staffing Committee.  She believes poverty is a serious problem in Cornwall and firmly believes we must protect the rural areas of our Parish and support its agricultural industry whilst still providing homes in the right places for local people and she trusts that serving you will help to improve the area.

Jean and Paul are the first married couple in Cornwall to win the Royal School of Church Music silver medal.

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